MUIKOREA is the only Anita Mui fanclub in Korea with 3 managers and approximately 1300 members (statistics on Dec. 2006). It was established on September of 1999 and opened as official Korea FanClub on March 1st, 2000. MUIKOREA is making the best efforts to provide more various and special benefits to our members, which you can sign up anytime for free at this site.

MUIKOREA is offering a regular meeting and chatting, first and second half of annual official meeting, and the Membership Training to encourage fellowship and gathering. Also we are planning to hold a session for movie, concert, private video clip and etc. MUIKOREA is also a great place to purchase variety of materials, gather information and data, and share our love to Anita. We not only provide detailed news and different kinds of magazine articles, interview, and autobiography, which translated into Korea but also offer members with music video, entertain news, T.V show, and music of Anita. You can also participate in events related to Anita and co-purchase tickets.

The entire managers and members were introduced on entertain new of Hong Kong when watched and cheered the ¡°Anita Concert¡± on September, 1999, ¡°Fantasy Gig Concert¡± on March, 2002, and ¡°Classic moment live concert¡± on November, 2003 at the very place. July of 2002, we projected and opened ¡°MUIKOREA Screen Party¡± to honor the memory of 20th anniversary of the Anita¡¯s debut. We were also on Hong Kong¡¯s entertain news for attending Anita¡¯s 39th birthday on October of 2002, and her very funeral on January of 2004. Anita herself knew these facts about us and promised us to visit Korea.

From now on, the amount of visiting Hong Kong will be reduced compared to the previous, but we are planning to visit and tour Hong Kong and attend cherish memory conference and image conference as well.

You can become a member of MUIKOREA at official site ( The MUIKOREA will put best efforts to prior Anita and her fens in Korea. We never the less we will be always here for you forever with unchanging heart.

Please feel free to write on the website or send an email to managers,
if you have any questions or you need help. Thank you.

If you have any question: Junny