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Welcome to Anita Mui Korea Fanclub ‘MUIKOREA’. Thank you for your supporting~
I wish you would enjoy here with MUIKOREA anytime. Please leave your comments and it would be helpful to us.
If you have any problem feel free to contact us.

10 )   Janet     [2007/11/09]
I am very happy more korea friends also love anita mui, now i am also anita mui fans, I learn korea language now, How are you?
Junny [2007/11/10]
안녕하세요? (can you see my Korean?)
Thank you for your support!
I am very happy that many people still remember Anita,
(how can we forget her though....^^)
Also it's interesting that you're learning Korean! wow!
I hope we can talk sometime in the soon future~
Thank you for visiting MUIKOREA and truly welcome!
feel free to come again anytime~ 多謝~
9 )   Jo     [2007/07/20]
Great job well done with the site, I'm especially impressed with the design of those flash at the main page, especially those in korean language pages. In fact, I've been to this site every now and then, just that I never notice there is an english version of the site available here. Silly me.
Junny [2007/07/21]
haha, THANK you for visiting Muikorea!
oh.. I shouldn't have done the very small button!
I'll keep remind myself for next renew~^^
thank you for giving the HELPFUL comment!
Welcome anytime! Thank you~
8 )   chit     [2007/05/16]
Hello! Korean Mui Fans,
I am a superfans from HK, very happy to see so many Korean fans in this nice website.
Recently, I have made a new site for Mui, I hope all of you will like it!
I also hope all Mui fans over the world will become one big family in the future.
Thank you very much!
Junny [2007/05/16]
你好! It's nice to see you here!
I hope all fans could become good friends, too.
Thank you for comment. 多謝~!
7 )   Checkers     [2007/05/16]
The website is EXCELLENT!
ANITA is very beautiful!
Junny [2007/05/16]
Thank you for your support!
by the way, I totally agree with you!
Anita is soooooo BEAU~TI~FUL~~~~!!!
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